“We Wish you a Merry Kurtmas!”

Sometimes I find the trouble with sketching my thoughts in the O.P.B is that I don’t want to “draw ’em good” on Illustrator after the fact. So! Here’s one from The Offensive Playbook itself. The Necronomicon of comic generation.



If you could see the rest of the page, you’d understand the genesis of the idea a little more. It reads, “Ghost of John Lennon pays Yoko a visit. What happens?”

Then, “Ghost of Kurt Cobain?! A ‘Zombie Kurt’ returns from the grave with half a head, still carrying his shotgun.”

…and I went from there.

It’s easy to forget that these rock martyrs were real people sometimes, and the reason this was scratched out today is because it’s Cobain’s birthday. He would have been 47.

Nearly twenty years gone. Hard to believe.

The guy was called a genius by everyone from Paul McCartney to Neil Young, which says a lot in my book. The exercise is usually to find the humour in any situation though, so…I tried to give this one a spin that’ll hopefully make someone smirk at the very least.

Though I expect most will be disgusted.

…and to them I say, “Hey! Look at the title of the page you’re on!” At least I’ve included an allusion to him being the Lord and Savior of rock music, right? Gone, but not forgotten? Burnt, but not faded? Ehhhh, go fuck yourselves.

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