“Cool Pope”

Submitted for your approval: if there was ever a Pope who, when you inevitably found yourself unable to get into your locker, could stroll up, smack the door just right, and then have it open up for you, as if my magic?

…I’m betting it’d be Pope Francis.

Or so his PR people would have you believe! *Shifty eyes*



    1. Do you think we need Pontiff trading cards, Laurie? Cause I’ll like, draw one for every single pope if it pleases you? Heh heh. Just kidding. That’d take forever. But it’d be fun to give them rankings on a scale of one to ten for things like Likeability, Cool Factor, and in the case of the Borgias, maybe a Confirmed Kill tally or something?


      1. I was only slightly Episcopalian growing up and have Catholic friends, I kinda of keep up with this Pope bc the comedy circuit loves him 🙂 and I get my worldly news from comedy central . I know its atrocious. And I luv italian food.


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