“Two Kyles, Both Alike in dignity, In Fair Cubicle Environment, Where we Lay Our Scene”

You’re going to need to click on this image and enlarge it:


Anyway, totally worth the trouble I had to go through.

The following day when someone found this, I was the talk of the office!

Two middle-aged women I overheard: “…yeah, in the fridge? Saw that. What’s wrong with that guy?”

What’s wrong with this guy?   He didn’t have data on his phone, is what!  But now that he realizes how important it can be, he’s coughing up the extra money.

Now I’ll not only have EVERY bizarre reference I come up with at my fingertips (simply for fact-checking and accuracy’s sake, I mean), but I’ll never have to talk to the “two Kyles” again!

Just kidding, Sir Kyle.   I’ll still talk to you.

(Sir Kyle is one of my two readers, you see.  Another reason he got his knighthood.)




  1. I’m quite new to this WordPress site, and although I don’t know what “pingback” is, I’m happy to know I just acquired some.

    For one thing, it means at least ONE person saw and liked my post, and if I can reach just ONE person with each update, that’s a victory in my Offensive Playbook!

    …another plus is that if I get enough “pingback,” at some point I may be able to trade it to a Local Mechant for an Enchanted Shield of Protection, or a Used Wizard Staff of some kind.

    Again, I’m new to this, so…fingers crossed, folks.


        1. Remember? When, after placing that elaborate note in the fridge, Homer got up in the middle of the night for something to eat?

          “Mmmmm….forbidden donut!”


          Devil Flanders: (Materializing out of thin air)

          Wait, I forgot YouTube exists:


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