The Pet Plant Project (1)

Okay, because there was no post yesterday, I’m posting two today.   My goal is to come up with daily original content, but I’m finding that sometimes it’s not always easy to post on the day itself, you know?

Like, with overtime, I worked 12 hours today.  Just as I did yesterday, the first day of Daylight Savings!   When I got home, I had a drink, something to eat, “rested for just a moment” on my bed with a book, and the next thing I knew my alarm was going off and telling me to be at work again!   I don’t think I read one line.

Which brings me to one of the things that keeps me going at work.  My Pet Plant Project.   It’s been three months since it started, so I’ll give you a little sneak peak.

It all began in mid-December when I noticed a plant on the windowsill near my desk.  It had clearly been forgotten because there was almost no life left in it.   The soil was bone dry, its pot was chipped, it had a brownish-gray tint to it, and there were a bunch of dead former limbs in the dirt.  Check it out:


So what I did was start watering it.

I didn’t expect it to live or anything. I thought it had already flat-lined. But there was a bottle of water nearby, so I dumped some in there. Every day I continued to do this (just a little bit), and I eventually began to see a little improvement! The branches became a little greener each day, which encouraged me to prune out all the dead stuff and really give the plant a fighting chance, you know?

So I kept watering every day, and when I saw a new little shoot appear, I wanted to help it along. I asked a lady at work if she had any plant fertilizer and she said she’d bring some in for me. She kept forgetting, but about a week later she handed me a zip lock bag full of both the liquid drops and the little sticks you put in the soil.

“Thank you very much!” I told her.

She said it was no problem at all and asked if I knew how to use the fertilizer products she had given me and I was like, “Yeah-yeah-yeah” and stuff.

So right away I went to the plant, carefully fertilized it with the new supplies and was confident now that things were really going to take off.

Plant 3

A couple of weeks went by again, which takes us to around late February now. As you can see above, I named the plant Lazarus. Here’s what it looked like after more daily watering / fertilizer:

Plant 2

Everyone who knows of my success with Lazarus thinks it’s pretty cool.

There’s a dude who’s hired to water all of the big plants, and when he comes by once a week I show him how Lazarus is doing and ask him for advice and stuff. My first question was what kind of a plant it is. Everyone who saw me watering it was like, “Hey James, watering your Aloe Vera plant?”

Now, I’ve had an Aloe Vera plant before, and this does not look like that at all. It had really fat leaves at the base, and the ones on Lazarus are more slender. So if anyone knows what this thing is, please tell me.

Plant Man wasn’t sure himself.

The first time he saw Lazarus, he was encouraging, but not yet impressed.

“Your pot’s got no drainage,” he told me. “Good work so far, but if it can’t drain, it’s going to dry.”

“Draiiiiiiinnnnnnnage, Eli!”

I checked, and sure enough, he was right. The clay pot had no drainage hole. I tried to source a drill to make short work of it, but when there was none to be found, I took a letter opener and burrowed a little hole in the center of its base. Took me one lunch and one break to do it. Worth it, though. When I showed him that the following week, I think he knew that I was serious about saving this plant.

Here’s a picture of it today, March 11th. I think it’s dong well!


Note of the new little shoots. You can even see one that wasn’t even there yesterday, poking through at around 7 o’clock.


  1. I can see a new career for you – The Plant Saviour. It will probably end up being a smash hit reality tv show too.

    Unless Lazarus goes for world domination. He could turn on you at any time now – start spreading those spider like arms everywhere.

    Currently I feel it’s 50/50. 😀

    Mine’s Vlad (the impaler, and just about impossible to kill) – he’s taking over the bathroom. Yes, it’s Aloe Vera, Vlad is a little thicker, as you can see, but behind him, he’s producing an army who has that catmodel slim look. His minions are now overtaking any soil in the ice bucket (which has no drainage!!!).


    1. Yes, “The Plant Whisperer.”

      I like it.

      I’ll teach Scarlet Johanson the ropes.

      I’m unable to click your link but I’ll definitely check it out when I get home…after another 12 hour work day, likely. At least I have Lazarus here…and the BigBoobs Twitter page I just followed. Why did I only just sign up for that Twitter thing?! Topless chicks? Chatting with celebrities? News as it happens? It’s awesome! Haha!


      1. You’re in for a treat – now that you’e already followed BigBoobs all the other similar accounts will follow you. 😀

        TitsOnView, BigArse, NakedHousewives & SwingingGrannyBoobs will be thrilled to find an account that will follow them back. 😉

        You’ll be busy for hours!


        1. Ha! Funny that you knew that before I did! Yeah, at first I followed like, a half dozen of those pages, thinking it was amazing. But then my feed instantly turned into a porn site and I got like, a couple of them following me. I just wanted the odd “18+ Teen Lesbian” picture, maybe once or twice a day, but I was instantly bombarded with links to everything. So I had to unfollow some and be more selective. Heh heh.


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