Signing the Retiring Office Co-Worker’s “Best Wishes” Book

The word went around recently that a co-worker with many years of exemplary service was deciding to pack it in and retire.

She’s a very nice lady.

Last summer she made up 1/4 of my foursome at the company’s 2013 “Best Ball” golf tournament. When we submitted our score card after 18, we had logged a respectable -2!

Granted, those two birdies were all me because I was the best on the team, but…again, she’s a super nice lady, is what I’m trying to say! One of the few with a sense of humour.

Anyway, today I found a strange book on my desk.

This book:


“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!” I politely asked everyone at once.

Robo-Kyle explained that the book was making its way through the office and anyone who wished to write a few words to our departing comrade was welcome.

“…anyone who wished to…”


Robo-Kyle knows perfectly well that I’ll take something as trivial as “writing a few lines” as far as I possibly can. I think they intentionally waited until the very end of the day to give it to me, reasoning that if I “went psycho with it,” I’d be doing it on my own time.

Ridiculous, right?

Below you will find a few images showing various messages in the book (their names edited out for privacy, naturally).

Try to guess which one is mine!






(By the way, as of right now I have 38 followers! I’m totally psyched about that, and I’d love to see comments from as many of you as possible! Please give me feedback and stuff. What was good? What was bad? I need to know, ’cause I’m not stopping, and I don’t want to disappoint y’all. *Firing revolvers into the air* )


  1. Hahahahahahaha!

    Eh… the first one?

    Brilliant – I’m sure that’s something she’s actually gonna treasure, the rest of them you might have just blanked the whole message in real life… boring bastards.


    1. Hey Cathy! 🙂

      Thank you very much for replying. It can get lonely here on my blog (—OGGG!-OGG!-OG!-OG!)

      *Looking around, scared*

      Uh…as I was saying, thank you, Cathy!

      I have absolutely the same outlook. Ten years from now, what’s she going to remember? One of 50 “Have a great time like, sleeping in and doing like….nothing and stuff” comments?

      Or will she remember the full-page “gone psycho” drawing? Well, you know what I think. :p

      When friends and family flip through the “sweet” little journal from her co-workers when they see it on her coffee table at home, which of those many pages are they going to ask her about? What amusing anecdotes will the answer lead to?



  2. I bet in High School you are the one that would take up 1/3 of the “best wishes” section. If so, there was probably a line up and a small fee for you to sign it!

    I’ve had my share of people retire from places I worked. Due to the jobs, most were so happy for that day that they would call in sick. If not just pretend it was just another day. Recognition from fellow employees is always a great thing. Kudos to you sir!


    1. Hey, thanks man!

      Yeah, as that book has continued to make the rounds, there’s been a steady stream of people coming to my desk to say they like it. Heh. My favorite excited response so far was from a French lady who expressed her compliment in an amusing bi-lingual fashion, saying: “Le FUCK!!” :p

      Please come back soon!



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