Caricaturist Laureate?

So apparently whenever someone leaves, I now have to draw them.

At least this time I was offered payment.

I would have accepted a lunch, which I skipped in order to draw this on some cheap cardboard.

However, I think I will demand cold hard cash tomorrow. What do you think? Two bucks? No, three bucks!

I like that I’m given total creative control for these things.

“James! Heinrich is leaving! Can you draw something for him?”

Heh. Well, I guess this is “something.”



  1. Can I just have a booklet of your drawings please? This one is hilarious! I like how he’s squinting through his glasses as if to say “this is serious business”.


    1. Hey Lysa!

      I’m done work early and guess WHAT? You’re going to get your booklet of drawings, as requested!

      (Okay, it wasn’t done SPECIFICALLY for you, but quite by accident, the good people at the National Cemetery Management Committee let me draw all day in that lady’s retirement book to fill some of the blank pages! Then I got to go to her retirement lunch and call it a day early! Woot!


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