I Used to Do My Little Brother’s Homework (And I ‘Stuck it to the Man’ even THEN)

Sunday – the Lord’s Day.

A day of rest.

When I last visited home at Christmas, I saw this tacked to a dartboard in my brother’s room and took a couple of pictures. He’s about two years younger than me.

Whenever he was assigned homework that had anything to do with drawing or writing (or better yet, both!), I would be there to act as “Creative Consultant” at the beginning. But because I’m also a bit of a control freak, I’d end up just doing the entire thing for him while he went and watched TV or something. It was a win-win situation for both parties!

I think I was around 17 or 18 when I did this. It’s important to note that this assignment was for a Religion class at a Catholic school, and although the text says one thing, the illustrations say quite another. I was a shit-disturber even then! I remember the assignment was something to do with “A Circle of Interests” or some bullshit. Hey, you ask a silly question, you get a silly answer, right?

Please enjoy responsibly!

"My circle is reflective of some of the most meaningful things in my life

“My circle is reflective of some of the most meaningful things in my life.  First off, I have drawn a skateboard because I love to ride about town on one.   Drum sticks represent my love of percussion and my hockey stick represents my love for hockey.  Directly in the centre of the circle is a stack of Pogs.   Although their popularity peaked in early 1995, my love for them is undying and I practice on a regular basis.  The smiling face of Homer Jay Simpson is self-explanatory.  The long-running social satire that is The Simpsons remains one of my favourite television programs.   Additionally, the drawing of Super Mario and the Ghostbusters logo represents my affection for both the video game and the cartoons/movies of the apparition-fighting foursome.   In the bottom-left corner, dressed in a T-Shirt, I have drawn Jesus Christ.   My God means SO much to me, and I think the least I can do for him is draw a picture in his likeness.  Directly to the right of J.C, I have drawn my pet raccoon, Steve. I feed him corn cobs and apple cores and he sleeps in a cage by my bed every night.  I love him dearly.   Iron Maiden goes without saying.   I adore the heavy metal tracks they made throughout their career.   Lastly, on the (extreme?) right I have drawn my home-made time machine.  I have toiled for 4 years towards its production.  Although it does not function as of yet, my hope is to have it working within the next 10 months.  I thought about travelling back in time to see Jesus, but then reconsidered…I now plan to see an Iron Maiden concert in 1982.”   Teacher:  “25 / 25  Excellent  You have great talent.”



    1. Hey Lysa!

      Thank you very much! I was only like, 17 or 18 when I did that, so hopefully you’ll like some of the other stuff I’ve drawn too. 🙂

      If you click “Comics” on the right of my page, I’ve tried my best to categorize any of the daily posts I’ve done in the last month or so with my drawings in them.

      I appreciate you stopping by, and I’ll be sure to do the same with your blog. 😀


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