1. It’s YOU!

      Does that mean you liked it? You’re smiling!

      It’s funny – I was in the middle of commenting on one of your posts when I heard the cool little “chime” that alerts me to new WordPress stuff.

      Love that sound.


  1. Well you got the eyes right and I am foxy 😎 but that’s it. But! You got my boyfriend laughing because he plays WOW and Fox is his name, so I guess it’s ok 🙂


    1. You DID inspire this thought, but it was mostly to do with you referencing the “What Does the Fox Say?” song by Ylvis, or whatever they’re called.

      It’s an admittedly catchy song, and I laughed at the video, but…I found myself wondering: what WOULD a fox say?

      You would assume that if a fox had a video with 400 million hits or whatever, he’d say something REALLY cool, wouldn’t you?

      …well, wouldn’t you? 😉


      1. Do you know why they made the song? 🙂 To mess with their sponsors who payed them with “you can make a song” not with cash, and the idea was to make a terrible song to get even and that song made them and their show famous. 😀

        So, now you have more than 50 followers so I no longer feel guilty XD Byee!


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