The Screeching Raccoon with Jetpack

In early 2008, Late Night with Conan O’Brien had a problem: their studio was being terrorized by a Screeching Raccoon with a Jetpack.

In an effort to get rid of it, Conan requested that fans of the show (and I’m a big fan) write in with suggestions. The ideas were submitted as graphic designs, so I knew I had to get on board. Why? Well, the best of them were to be featured throughout a week of episodes!

Guess whose ideas were featured on the show!

Ahem! Well, plenty. But not mine.

Sorry to disappoint.

I’d have been happy if my drawings had simply been seen by Conan and his staff and then garbaged, but not knowing that they had set up a specific email address for the submissions, I believe I posted them on some NBC-affiliated web page and no one ever saw them.

…until now, that is.



The second one there is a reference to the “Walker, Texas Ranger Lever,” which Conan would pull from time to time and activate a random clip from that horrible, unintentionally funny Chuck Norris show.

I’m going to link to another YouTube clip here now, and although it doesn’t have the Walker Texas Ranger lever, it’s…well, it’s simply hilarious.

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