1. Well, like I said, this was my first time experimenting with the “Clown on Canvas” medium, but overall I’d have to say that I don’t find clowns funny. They’re a little creepy. I’m sure you’ve read / seen Stephen King’s IT, right?

          “Hi-ya, Jaw-gie! Do you wanna balloon?!”
          “…I’m not a-supposed to talk to strangers…”
          “Well, you are Georgie, and I am PENNYWISE the CLOWN! So we’re not strangers!”
          “Tee hee! I guess so!”
          “…so do you want a balloon?”
          “…does it FLOAT?”

          (Ominous, talking from within a sewer): “Ohhhh yes, Georgie! It floats….and when you’re down here with me? YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!!”

          (Grabbing small child, eating him alive)

          So yeah…that’s probably why I instinctively depicted this dude with yellow teeth and whatnot.


          1. Hah, I’ve read the first 20 pages of that book. I didn’t stop due to being scared but because… I cannot recall why.

            I thought clowns were funny though! I was very surprised when I saw how many people have serious clown phobias, even at the age of 4…


          2. Have you seen the movie?

            I just checked at the whole thing is on YouTube.

            But here’s the standout scene that anyone who’s seen it remembers:

            I don’t have a “phobia” of clowns, but let’s break it down:

            What IS a clown? Basically it’s a grown man (usually) who disguises himself to the point where he can shed every aspect of whoever he is without the face paint.

            His audience? Children. Small, vulnerable, completely impressionable little tots. You don’t see too many adults who like “Clown Humour,” do you?

            Now, at birthday parties when their parents are nearby, there’s nothing particularly unsettling about a clown, is there? They make balloon animals, piss their pants, laugh like a lunatic. All that stuff.

            But what Stephen King did with IT was take the clown out of that “safe” context. Imagine an otherwise-normal day for an innocent child, who encounters a clown…alone.

            Just the two of them.

            What horrible desires might that man wearing makeup be hiding? And would the absence of the child’s parent or guardian be the catalyst that allowed them to ooze to the surface?

            Or maybe this: let’s say you have a young child and a park next door to your house. So close it’s almost your back yard. But…a CLOWN has been known to hang out there and talk to the kids.

            Sure, that’d be unsettling if it were any solitary figure. But a clown? Even more sinister, I think.

            Hmmm. I just convinced myself I kind of do hate clowns. 🙂

            Newspaper Headline: “Canadian Man to Judge: All Clowns are Closet-Sex Offenders and ‘Needed to Be Killed'”



          3. Ah! I’ve only seen this comment now!

            You’ve got several very good points there but as a child, who doesn’t think the way an adult or even teenager thinks (concerning the innocence/danger of clowns), i see little reason to be really scared of clowns, except, i suppose, being scared of someone/something incredibly mysterious, without a realistic face, something unknown. that’s known to be a little scary.

            by the way, if you started following my blog in the interest of reading stuff i post, the “Grey Life in Orange – Mika” blog isn’t quite as suitable…
            I have another blog on which I post very Mika-like stuff, stories, thoughts and opinions, photography.. just in case you’re interested 🙂


          4. But don’t you see?

            The fact they’re so innocent is precisely WHY their disguise is creepy. Ever see Poltergeist 2? That dead preacher’s ghost following little Carol Anne? That kind of vibe.

            And yeah, I’ll definitely be checking out your blog.


          5. Oh, and here’s another piece of evidence to support my case.

            “Surprised” that people have a serious phobia of clowns, you say? Heh heh. Just LOOK at the stuff they do when you’re alone with them. Or the various forms they take, I should say:


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