Fine Lookin’ Shepherd!


I was talking on the phone to my Dad earlier today and he described how he was looking out the front window at the neighbour’s yard across the street.

“The lady over there has a fine looking shepherd,” he told me.

“Dad,” I said to him, “are you talking about a dog, or is there literally some handsome, stoic-looking sheep-herder passing through?”

Ah, inspiration! You can never know exactly when it’ll punch you in face.


This one goes out to my Dad – the best Dad in the world.

(Not even joking – I entered him in a Dad Competition and he won “Best in Show.”)

Edit: Update

It’s April 6th now, the day after I posted this strip.

After emailing it to my Dad yesterday, I got his response today:

“This is a really good strip.
The next panel should be of a food truck advertising their World Famous Sheperds’ Pie.
In the background should be the head and skin of the dog.
Just kidding.

I think he’s right.

It does need that panel.


    1. You are CORRECT, sir!

      And did you notice the “Hitler-ish” markings on his head?

      Yeah, Heinrich up there clearly thinks he’s the shit. He probably considers himself a part of the “Master Breed” or something.

      Poor shepherd.


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