Yoko Ono’s Facebook Page

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Earlier this year I stumbled across Yoko Ono’s Facebook page.

I forget how that happened, but I think I was curious to see if anyone actually “liked” her. *Ba-Doom Tissssh!*

Anyway, I was reading through her status updates and…wow.

December 29th: “This is a room without a window. People tend to think that sunlight is not coming into the room when there is no window.”

Uh, okay. Weird.  Though not unlike all the other pseudo-artistic stuff she’s ever produced.

But what really got me is how after that post, you can actually SEE that she’s proud of herself for having thought of that line, because for DAYS she has follow-ups to it!

December 31st: “Draw a window on the wall to remind you of the sun.”

January 1st: “Draw a window on the wall to remind you of the moonlight that soaks the walls while you are asleep.”

January 2nd: “Draw a window on the wall to remind you of the fog that covers your worries.”

January 3rd: “Draw a window on the wall to remind you of the sunset that makes you smile.”

January 4th: “Draw a window on the wall to remind you of the silkrain that makes things grow.”

(“Silkrain.” Looked it up. Not a word.)

Anyway, I was checking out the comments from the people who follow her, and even THEY were calling bullshit after day three or so.

“Listen, uh…Yoko.   As you know, we have a pretty high tolerance for your nonsense, but…”

So I decided to chime in.   That’s what’s great about social media – you can tell a “celebrity” what for and they have to read it.

“Yoko, if John were alive today, I like to think he’d have the sense to draw a window on your wall and throw your ass out of it!”  


          1. well, she didn’t quite “ruin” the Beatles.
            She’s odd alright but I think she worked quite well with Lennon. Which doesn’t mean I like her, but I do not dislike her the way you obviously do.


          2. I think I dislike Yoko in the perfectly normal and Beatles fan kind of way.

            Can we all agree that if Mark David Chapman had skipped the range practice and accidentally hit Ono with all 5 shots of his .38 revolver instead of John the world would be a better place?

            …anybody? Heh heh.


          3. Heh heh. Exactly!

            I’d rather no one had died that day in 1980, but if the world put it to a vote and we had to choose between Yoko or John getting blown away, Ono would be done for.

            Beatles fans would probably even take out full page articles in the Times and put up billboards, mimicking the peace ads those two did during their stupid “bed in”.

            “YOKO IS DEAD!

            …if you want it.”



  1. Yeah you always think of those kind of celebrities like “oh those people are so cool and different and unique” but then you realise if you knew them in real life you wouldn’t talk to them because they are so weird.


    1. Yeah, I hate it when someone in the public eye does something ridiculous and it’s instantly deemed acceptable by default, you know?

      Like, because Paris Hilton carried a few little dogs around in her purse, every local skank started doing the same thing. They probably found out pretty quick that their purses were soon filled with piss and shit and drowned those poor little dogs, you know?


      1. Yes, I do know unfortunately. At least paris hilton isn’t popular anymore (thank god) now if only people would stop caring about the kardashians, we’d be fine.


        1. By the way Megan, I’m really enjoying your thoughtful comments, and I don’t know if this is in poor taste, but…do you think something might go…I don’t know…horribly wrong if you didn’t comment on every single one of them at least once to give the blog…you know…”balance”?

          It feels “off” to me somehow. :/

          I mean…there’s your pretty, smiling face on one post, but…not the next one?

          Sort of like if I were to get a tattoo on one arm — naturally I’d want one of the equivalent size on the other, just to make things….I don’t know….”even”? 😀


          1. 😀 While going through your posts, I really wanted to comment on all of them, but sometimes I couldn’t come up with anything to clever to say. You’re so clever that you’re kind of intimidating in that way.

            Also, if I get overly excited about things, I tend to overdo them and then scare people away.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. HA! Thanks, Megan. 🙂

            No, don’t worry, you can’t scare me.

            Unless you told me you were a ghost and that you had died two years ago, and how I was only speaking to your “entity.”

            THAT would scare me. :/

            Please don’t be a ghost, Megan.



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