I’d Like To Introduce You to Some People!

James and Stogie Nightclub Take a Moment to Relax.  Easter, 2014

James and Stogie Nightclub Take a Moment to Relax. Easter, 2014

Well, it’s the Easter weekend!   Happy Death of Christ, everyone!

On the one hand, that means I have five days off to whatever the hell I want!

On the other, it means I might be phoning it in a bit on the blog.

Wait, wait! Come back…come on back! You didn’t think I’d really leave you hanging, did you? Me? Ha ha!

I actually owe you a couple of posts, don’t I!  Well, I always pay my debts.  Since starting this blog, I’ve done 56 posts in as many days. Except for the last two. I had to travel, you see. Oh, and I had to draw a huge comic for work at the National Cemetery Management Council, which, as you may have already guessed, will probably be seen…nationally. So yeah, I’ve got to prioritize a little bit.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU, reader!

(I suddenly realized that while this is about you, I’m about to spin this back around and start talking about me again…*Sigh* Well, this is ultimately about whatever the hell I want, so…you’re just going to have to DEAL, aren’t you? Ha-HA!)

So yeah, let’s call this “movie night,” shall we?

Tonight I’m going to present a few videos for your viewing pleasure!  (Hopefully you’re pleased, anyway!)

Now, first a rundown of my cast of characters:

First, there’s myself: James Ash.

Now, on my YouTube channel I go by the name “JohnnyTasteTest.” This wasn’t exactly by choice, though. See, when YouTube was pretty new, everyone wanted to post their spiteful comments anonymously (myself included!), and when I realized I’d have to register an account to do that, I needed to think of a username. At the time, I had yet to ascend to the NCMC’s corporate offices and was working as a lowly gravedigger, putting myself through school, one geometrically perfect pit at a time. I was in our small cemetery “office” (a large shed, basically) when I asked a fellow gravedigger what I should name my channel. He dodged the question though and gestured to our supervisor in the corner.

“Hey, check out Johnny Tastetest over there!” he said to me, smiling.

I looked, and there was our boss, stuffing his fat face with a footlong sub, the toppings spilling into his gnarly beard and crotch.

…so I then registered “JohnnyTasteTest.”

At the time, I just wanted to hate on YouTubers, but a couple of years later, I started making videos, and when people started referring to me as “Johnny,” well…I had to run with it. I primarily serve as director, writer, cameraman and, the most thankless job of all: editor. Though I do make cameos from time to time, as you will see.

Next we have Stogie Nightclub.

Remember the storyboard from a couple of posts back? Yeah, that’s Stogie. That was merely an idea I visualized on paper and never got around to filming.

What can I say about Stogie? He’s a professional actor and…well, he’s the best in the business. That’s why he’s always employed. He can be a bit of a “Diva” on set from time to time, insisting that his Evian water be exactly room temperature (“‘California Room Temperature,’ not ‘Canada Room Temperature!'” he’ll snap), but when he’s in town, it’s absolutely worth the trouble to make him happy on set. He always delivers.

Next is Wardo, who I’ve mentioned on the blog in the past.

Although he works at the NCMC with me, like Stogie, he’s one of the most talented improvisational actors out there. He moonlights in a lot of independent productions and once had a one-man show on Off-Broadway called “The Defecationist.” It was incredible.

Finally, there’s Steve the Cat.

Well, you guys have heard and seen plenty from Steve, and rest assured, there will be more!

We’ll do this chronologically:

The first of tonight’s videos will be one from pretty early on, when I shot them on a cheap Hewlett Packard still camera’s video function.  This is all of us having fun in my backyard.   I’m in the white shirt, Stogie’s in the blue with the cap, and Wardo’s in the sweater.  Again, horrible quality, but — we were just trying to have fun that day.   And we certainly did.   I love watching this clip, because it really encapsulates the insanity, you know?


I got an HD camerea!   I had to dig roughly 200 graves to pay for it, as I recall.  Here’s all three of us having fun again!

And finally, here’s us doing something a little more…serious.

Heh heh.   Just kidding, this is the most screwed up of all of them!


  1. Happy damn Easter, I wonder why I even bother.

    Having watched all three of those, the second cracked me up a lot. Chicks dig it 😉

    Where DID you get that viking statue from though? And that bear? Fair? I like your hair? Nice flair, chair, there, care, dare…

    Anyhow, very much enjoyed those videos 🙂


    1. Mikamanning!

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked these clips! I believe the viking statue was a gift from one of Stogie’s fans. It’s supposed to be a wine bottle holder, and the viking kind of guzzles it? Heh.

      The bear I saw at Wal-Mart. I bought it on sight, simply because it was so enormous. I didn’t care that people stared at me. Heh heh.


      1. The Offensive Playbook who-by-the-way-is-younger-than-i-thought-judging-by-the-photographs-and-videos-included-in-this-post

        a wine bottle holder? how considerate 😀

        well, can’t blame you! if I wasn’t as poor as a church mouse, and if we’d have Wal-Mart here, I’d have done the same.

        Life’s boring when caring about people staring.


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