Easter Weekend Burger

Today I decided to eat at a place called Burger Revolution. It’s been featured on a television program called You’ve Gotta Eat Here.

iphoneapril19 020

I typically try to do everything the TV tells me to, so while out and about today on my visit home, I offered to take my Mom there so she could buy me lunch.

The menu did look pretty good!   The options were written all rustic-like in chalk on a big blackboard behind the register.   I didn’t much care for the “revolutionary” theme they were going for, what with the (Cli)”Che Guevara” burger and such, so I decided to just order a classic: a bacon/cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, ketchup, and mustard.

It soon arrived at the table.

Trust me when I tell you it tasted as good as it looks.

iphoneapril19 016

Also trust me that when I see an opportunity to draw, you just know I’m going to be a shit-disturber!

Check out the wall of post-it notes that customers are allowed to doodle on and add to the mix!

iphoneapril19 015
Judging by what’s up there, I’m guessing they’re used to notes that are mostly complimentary.

Well, I’m a bit of a revolutionary myself!   Mua-ha-ha-ha!

iphoneapril19 018
My Mom seemed anxious as we left, and pleaded with me to “go back and take it down,” fearing that it would be interpreted as “a threat.”

“Mom,” I said to her, “do you honestly believe the teenagers on staff are going to think that I, ‘Ronald McDonald,’ entered their establishment sans-makeup, bought a burger, thoroughly enjoyed it, and then left an ominous drawing of ‘myself’, threatening to stamp out their little upstart business?”


Ah, Moms.

“I see.  Well, if the cops come knocking, I’ll just tell ’em you did it!   Bwa!-ha!-ha!”

iphoneapril19 019


Nikon, April 19th, Gramma, Ralph, Dinner 066

Later she forgot ALL about it during our annual “(James Ruins) Picture TIme”


  1. Fantastic – a comic, though hasty and small, featured in a post. Much better than archival footage of some old lady I never met.

    I`m appalled though you have defiled the weekend of Jesus` resurrection by eating hamburgers. Everybody knows that after he woke up, he told the disciples to celebrate the event by eating turkey, or – if they must – ham.


    1. Thanks, Bruce! 🙂

      Sometimes the best stuff is off the cuff, wouldn’t you say? Or will you wait till May?

      By the way, I’m technically in the right – I ate a HAMburger! What do you suppose they put in HAMburgers, Wayne?

      Also, according to Biblical lore, after Jesus rose from the dead and made that famous decree to his followers, he later recanted just before Peter drove a wooden stake through his heart.


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