Yet Another Office Birthday Card I Had to “Sign”

What’d I tell you? These things are always being passed around!

I’m going to have to work hard to top this one the next time.




    1. Thank you! Yeah, I was actually thinking of you and our clown conversation when I was doodling away on this one.

      Nice little follow-up on that card by the way: The birthday lady was one of only TWO people to get the reference and on her way out for an extended weekend late last week, she stopped me alone and said, “Oh, and thank you for the card, Sweetie!” Then gave me a hug. 🙂 She also confided that when she was presented with it (I wasn’t there for that bit), the person who gave it to her said, “I don’t GET his sense of humour!”


          1. I’d be flattered to receive such a psychotic birthday card, worthy of haunting my dreams!
            And that’s fantastic spirits, I attempt to follow them as well.


          2. 🙂

            By the way, I know it’s “Mika Manning,” but I just thought I’d inform you that I always read “Milk Manning”

            Kind of sounds like a verb, does it not?

            “Hey Policeman! What are YOU doing?”


            “And YOU! Over there! Yes, you, the Milk Man! What are YOU doing?!”

            “Muthuhfucka, what does it LOOK like?! I’s MILK MANNING, over heeuh, bee-otch!”


          3. Hey Milk Manning! 😛

            Thank you for the link just now. I hadn’t forgotten about that. In fact, I tried to find the original link you sent just the other day, but couldn’t.

            …the timing of this looks bad, by the way, since you just offered to “advertise,” but as you know, I’ve been visiting your other blog and enjoying it, so – I’m being sincere when I say I’ll be over frequently to check it out, to be sure.

            Don’t you do anything you don’t want to do, Milk Manning! I’d be honoured if you pimped me out, but to be honest, I just love that you (and now more) people are commenting.

            I love comments. 🙂 I reply to ’em all.


  1. Comments and responses in any way always make me happy
    If it’s criticism or whatever, it normally isn’t though because.. I mean, many people around me in the internet either leave if they don’t like my stuff or comment something uplifting.
    I’m quite content with that situation.

    Thank you, I just now realised how that link could’ve looked like a beg for follows but that’s really not what I’m trying to achieve here. I just thought you might be interested and I’d love you to comment on one or the other post in the future because you write the best comments. It’s just a way of more communication and having someone interesting looking at your stuff occasionally.


    1. Wow, see?

      Your precisely the kind of blogger everyone should be. And no, I didn’t think you were trolling for hits at all. You were making me aware of something I was unaware of, and I appreciate it. 🙂

      By the way, thanks for commenting on my….ahem….comments. I try to make an effort.

      The reason I like comments so much is because it lets you know that someone has taken the time to think about what you’ve done.

      I’ve got a few followers who clearly just “like” me when I appear in their feed, but…I’ve never heard from them. I’m not at all anxious to reference these people here, of course, because I now they’ll never see it! Heh heh.

      But yeah…I’m not interested in likes…or even followers, necessarily. But feedback? Feedback from READERS?

      I agree, positive or negative, put it all right here.

      …I’m just happy you folks are HERE to begin with, you know?

      (Imaginary Sitcom Studio Audience: “AWWWWWWW!”)

      Hey, SHUT UP, studio audience!”

      (Audience Again: *Uproarious Laughter* *Cheers* *Polite Applause*)

      Awww, you’re ALL RIGHT, Imaginary Studio Audience! 😀


      1. Just to spread the butter further,
        one of the reasons I love your blog and comments is that you ALWAYS make me laugh and ey,

        /that/ is the type of blogger everyone should be.
        but then again, I’d appreciate it a little less if that were so.

        Why I like blogging and the whole concept of it so much is because it gives anyone and everyone (well, almost) a chance to be heard, to say what they want to say and apart from having to own (or needing access to) an electronic device with internet, you don’t need money, a good family or even past. You can tell people your opinions and a few, if just one or two (always a start, a start for everything) will listen eventually!

        I’m a little disappointed, none of my followers have commented on my stuff yet… Also one of the reasons I wanted to suck you into my place or wild imaginative activity.

        It’s late, so excuse any grammar/logical mistakes I’m making.


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