Another Guy Retires

…these are getting boring!

So here’s the backstory on this:

Last week some lady asked me to do draw “something” in a book for a dude’s retirement. I don’t know either of these people. I asked her if she had any photos of the guy for reference and she said she’d email me some.

A few minutes later I got an email with not one, not two, but NINE attachments. I opened the first of them and the guy was dressed in a Santa Claus outfit. Totally unrecognizable.

“Well, I’m sure one of the other eight is usable,” I thought.


All Santa Claus photos.

So there you go, lady. And happy retirement, fella.

I drew him with a work buddy. That entire left page wasn’t there until I smeared ink across his face, realized it looked like blood, and then had to come up with a reason for “blood” being there.



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