Bus Stop Shenanigans

This sign was above a garbage at the bus stop:


Added a little something. Keep scrolling, I’ll give you a closer look.


Ah, here we are:


Annnnnnd a scan:



    1. Thanks Cathy! Yeah, I tried to make Mr. Raccoon there look sympathetic, as though the delicious household waste was only serving to feed him and his family. That’s why he’s waving, I think.

      He’s just like, introducing himself.

      “Oh hi there! I’m Mr. Raccoon.”

      Not to worry, by the way: I made tons of photocopies. As long as that sign on the left exists, the one on the right will. Mua ha ha!


      1. Hahahahaha – now I’m hoping they’ll take it down… as I can imagine their face when they see a brand new one come up… and a new one. You will surely be responsible for someone ending up on the psych ward.


        1. Ha! Yeah, exactly. It’d be hilarious if the first time someone tears it down, I replace it with TWO more. The second time? Four go up. Third time? Eight.

          …and so on.

          The funniest thing to me about this is how baffling it is.

          “Who would take the time to DO that?!”


          1. The element of bafflement is always the most satisfying. I still remember years ago, high as a kite on acid, I decided to give gifts in the neighbourhood… I tied big ribbons around cans of soup, and ran around the neighbourhood in the middle of the night, placing a can of soup on the door steps, ringing the door bells and running off (and to add to the charm I was wearing glitter elf wings). I can imagine when people dragged their asses out of bed to see who in the hell would ring a door bell at 4am, to be met with a can of soup with a big bow on. 😀 Oh the good old days. Ah.


          2. Ha ha! That’s hilarious.

            I like the detail about it being 4am. At that hour, when people hear the bell ring, they assume someone has died. Not…can of soup brought by drugged up person with fairy wings, giggling in the bushes.


  1. haha it is a surreal response…the fact someone even took some time to DRAW something…

    I can only imagine random passengers facial expressions while waiting for the bus… perhaps a wee bit dumfouner! ( that what we scots say for “amaze”)…even if it is for a wee meenit…

    Yer Ken?


    1. …I ken.

      The word dumbfounded exists outside of Scotland, ya daft baird-ya! 😛

      And yeah, it’s funny you mention that, because that garbage and sign is at the end of a long corridor, and to the left there are stairs leading up to the bus platform. While up there, I heard the distinctive “Click-Click-Click!” of women’s shoes down in the tunnel below, and then…they slowed…then stopped. Seeing as how the only choices were to go out the doors or up the steps, it means she was staring at it in confusion.

      It was neat to actually HEAR someone be baffled by it, you know?


      1. steady on pal!

        I don’t know what terms are used or not used over on the pond. im jus spewing any old word at you to sound at least authentic 😛

        Thats awesome your able to witness that and just know that you did that… to make that individual pause,think and then continue on with the day…. but contributing that wee something to disrubt that usual routine.

        Cool when your drawing has that ability to captivate 😉


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