This could have been better. (…Wardo!)

Heh heh. No, in all seriousness, I’m not done with this one. I would prefer to have everything I do in a day done to my complete satisfaction, but…with a daily (unofficial) deadline, a full-time job, and Sunday being a night of awesome television, with The Simpsons, Family Guy, and most importantly, Mad Men, I know that’s impossible.   Recently I read the meaning of the term “Kill your Darlings,” and apparently it has nothing to do with drowning your kids in the tub.  The meaning implies that you should let whatever it is you’re working on out into the world, and regularly; because if you don’t, you’ll Love it to Death (I’ve capitalized that because it’s a great Alice Cooper record.  Check it out)

Anyway, I’m thankful AMC aired back-to-back showings of tonight’s episode, ’cause I was inking this on the couch for a good part of the first one.  Thoughts?  Bobby is an enthusiastic little boy, but not too bright; Betty’s still a bitch; and Don’s normally unshakable cool felt a slight tremble tonight.

“We need to invest in a computer.  PERIOD.”

Also, for anyone reading this, FOLLOW MY BLOG and I will send you a cheque for FIVE DOLLARS!  *Huh-heuck-heuck!*

(Disclaimer: Cheques will not be Honoured.  And incidentally, CHEQUE is the Canadian spelling of CHECK.   We pronounce it, “Checkoo.”)

wardoandpepperlineart IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850


    1. It’s because once he realized you wanted something, and seemed conditional on being in bed or not, he decided to tell you that he was in bed after all. Looks like that one went over your head. *bellowing*

      PS, Wardo just told me that.


      1. God dammit, Bruce! Wardo tells you everything!

        Once I become a billionaire playboy, maybe people will tell me things in confidence?

        Actually, screw them and their secrets.

        I’ll probably spend the majority of my time doing the backstroke in the sea of gold coins in my Money Bin.


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