Another Guy Retires (Part Two!)

Does anyone remember that image?

It’s from a few posts back, when I talked about how I was asked to draw a title page in a blank book for a guy who’s retiring?   Click the link or scroll down if you’re new!

Anyway, the reason I bring it up again is because — you guessed it — yet another list with everyone’s name on it made the rounds today, and with it was the book.

Now, I’ve written before about the boring and totally robotic way people sign birthday cards,  and honestly, I don’t really look too carefully at those anymore.   If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

But a retirement book?   Something that makes the rounds not within the small confines of your team, but the entire building?   Those are a little different!   I mean, being relatively new, I can’t say I know the man who’s retiring this week all that well; but most everyone else has worked with him for many, many years.

“Surely they will write pages and pages!” I thought.

You know, the “Remember the Time” stories and such?


(You, the reader, adopting a “Sean Penn in Mystic River Voice”):  “–ARE THOSE ‘REMEMBER THE TIME’ STORIES DOWN THERE?!  OH-HO GOD!!!  ARE THOSE CHARMING WELL-WISHES DOWN THERE-HAIR-HAIR!?!”  *Sobbing*

And now, me as Kevin Bacon, saying everything I need to say with a look.

Oh, and pictures!  Nice little pictures!








Okay, this one is a repeat from two entries back.


“New blod”? “Real life”? …the fuck?


Okay, there was ONE good one!

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