1. Again, sorry Wendy! 😀

    Look at it this way: you didn’t get hurt, I didn’t get hurt, NOBODY got hurt!

    …well, except the old lady. She got hurt.

    But I swear, I had nothing to do with that!

    Inspiration merely struck me and I took a photo. I’m pleased to report (read: assume) that she’s recovering nicely! 🙂


      1. Ha!

        Yeah, the sad thing about this is that I totally cried wolf on this one. You’re never going to believe anything I say.


        Still, I think that’s a small price to pay for this gem, don’t you? 😛

        JK! Heh heh.


    1. Perhaps, Megan.

      But I’ll bet I could spin you a good yarn via text!

      Besides, what girls lack in creative texting ability they make up for in Smoothness, Softness, Boobs, and Not as Strong as Me. 🙂


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