Want to Known How to Whittle Down Hundreds of Useless Facebook Friends to a Manageable Half-Dozen or So?


On a less serious note, I’d like everyone to please say hi to Christine, who has now joined your ranks and been given privileged access!

You Guys, In Unison:Hiiiiiiii, Christine!

Totally unrelated, but…I feel like a song. Would anyone else like a song?

You Guys, In Unison Again: “Yayyyyyy, song!

I’m glad you approve!


  1. Were you able to stop Christine?

    I guess with a history of conflict between the McMoids and the O’Hoalihas your going to have a tough time trying to break this huh? I applaud you for effort and doing what you can to save threatened citizens… I hope they didn’t rough you up too much in the cell… these old coots can be harsh and give it their all to make you learn your lesson.

    The good ol crowbar method… a woman who has made her decision is a dangerous one…

    …as the saying “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do”

    Stubborn too! Just lay low for a while till the heat goes down. Your family, friends and wordpress followers want you to be safe.

    Also Watch out for rampaging horses!

    Jeez Ottawa sounds like dangerous place… corrupt elderly police force…crowbar wars and horses dragging bodies… well at least makes good internet hits to share with everyone.


    This is a very handy method to make people delete me on Facebook too! I will use this ramblingq from now on…. Thanks James 😀



  2. Wait, what do you mean you /lost/ 100 facebook friends?
    Sure you didn’t mean “gain” or do people just not understand some quality humor?

    …oh. Right.

    *Heeeeey Christine!*


          1. I unfortunately don’t, sorry. But I’m happy you agree, two others preferred the coloured one.

            I tend to look like other people, eh? 😀


  3. I was pretty much in shock when I read James’ first post, but I had to see where it was all going. That is hands down the most interesting reply I’ve ever had to a status update on Facebook 🙂

    Oh and hi!


  4. You kids and your new age shenanigans. Back in my day, we didn’t have bookface! In fact, I didn’t even have shoes. I just wore stale hamburger buns to protect my feet…


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