Retard Joke


This one has a bit of backstory:

When I thought of the idea for “A Male and a Female Each Attempt to Draw a Bicycle,” before I decided to write it up, I wanted some feedback. So I texted Ginger, a fellow NCMC employee, and just as I was about to give her the bullet points and describe what I had in mind, I decided to simply write it in brief:

Me: “Ginger, are you offended by ‘retard jokes?'”

Ginger: “Well, I guess it depends on the jo—”


Me: “Whup, got to go! Thanks!”

Ginger: “…what just happened? btw, I cut my hand on the file cabinet and Hemlock said he was going to ‘administer first aid’ and started lapping at the blood.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s Hemlock for ya! Bye!”

Anyway, it occurred to me in the moment how ridiculous it was to preface something offensive with something that is generally thought of as being…you know, offensive?

You know what, I don’t need to explain myself to you people! Like it or leave it! Look at the name of the blog you’re reading! Ha ha!


  1. Jolly Good!

    “Take a look at the name of the blog yer readin'”
    My sentiments exactly.
    Although my Blog Title does not even hint at ‘offensive’ (some find out later, if they READ), I make no bones about my beliefs: sometimes I even hit people over the head with them.
    By the way, I liked your comment about ‘Not wanting followers, but wanting readers’
    (on Craig Lumen’s blog).

    I will explore your blog further.
    And yes: I actually read, before I like or comment.


  2. Can you please write something about that awful video that is viral on Facebook right now with the guy reading the terrible rhyming poem about how social media has made him lonely? And everyone is like, oh we should put down our phones and tablets now! Ugh it is so annoying.


    1. Actually, I hate most everything on Facebook nowadays. Nothing but Pinterest shares and women moaning about being comfortable in their own skin. Pfffft. My only joy is the Inked Women page. I don’t much care for tattoos, but they require a certain…state of undress.


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