Steve The Cat’s Curves


Today I drew Steve, but maybe you’d be interested in the time he drew me?

Steve the Cat Can Draw!


      1. heh I can see who your role model is… that mane is a fine specimen. Any man would want to have an impressive coat… they enhance those booty-liscious assests.


          1. Well the first option I think would be uncomfortably unsatisfying for both of us, nobody wants to see that, but I would love to do a post for you! 🙂 no pressure. I don’t want you to be stressed in any way by drawing a picture of Chester. It’s totally up to you if you want. I just think you’re incredibly talented in that arena.


  1. As you know, I’m always very impressed by your drawing skills.
    But.. I’m so very sorry to admit, Steve has more of a career than you, in my eyes. People don’t want another cat drawing.
    But a reenactment of a famous movie scene, involving a guy, looking a little like Conchita, nude- now that’s what I call marketing.


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