1. Bwahaha! that is awesome!

    Slightly scarring as Barnie was my (dinosuar) hero. You know he sung about friendships and I am pretty sure I would ritually watch a film of him looking for some technicolour rainbow egg as he lived in a Farm but then the egg, I don’t know, wanted to get out more so time traveled and that made the random set of kids at the farm sad and….yeah… long time ago this was 😛

    He was so popular.Always had a new set of friends in each episode, movie and commercial.

    Has now triggered a darker thought now…what is that secret ingredient in that KFC chicken wing I wonder hmmm….

    ( Lil Jimmy’s left arse cheeck no doubt!)


  2. Dammit, now I want a bucket of KFC.

    Wait, why “dammit”?

    1.) Things taste better out of a bucket, and

    2.) The last time I ordered one was probably a year ago, and

    3!) KFC can be ordered much like a pizza these days, and they’ll bring it right to my goddamn door!

    I’d be an idiot NOT to do this!

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    1. Thanks! 😉

      Yeah, I’m a huge advocate of the Stink Line.

      Fat subject? Stink lines. Ugly subject? Stink lines. Ignorant / Stupid? They likely smell of it. Stink lines all around.

      Some abhorrent combination of all of those attributes? Lots and lots of stink lines.


  3. I have to admit at the risk of Blasphemy: I fucking Hate Barney! And Barney is a fellow Texan too! He was ‘birthed’ in the minds of a couple from Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas where I once lived.


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