Hey Everybody!


I don’t think my squirrel story got enough attention! So you’re all being punished with this stupid drawing!

But heck, I have to post daily, so let’s forget about the ink I globbed onto this paper here and instead, maybe you guys could comment and tell me if you’ve liked any of my content so far? What don’t you like? What do you want to see more of?

Your humble servant,



  1. I read your squirrel story, but didn’t know how to respond as I am an animal lover and you cold, black hearted devil killed a little squirrel. I realize you were a kid though and kids do stupid stuff. and no, they can’t all be gems. 😀


  2. I like the humorous tone in your story. I was expecting to read just a bit more about the trauma you got when you realized the squerrel continued to fight for life. Why does it haunt you? Do you regret it? Or did it make you want to have that kind of determination? Anyway, I just joined the blogging world and I’m not sure what I could suggest for you to improve. It seems fine to me. Your posts are funny.


  3. I think what we all want to topless photos 😉

    I like the comics and witty drawings to support a quote/thought/day youv’e had.

    The Bus Stop Shenanigans was a great one, get your drawings out in the open more!

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  4. I utterly (is there a better word for this?) LOVE (obviously not) your content. Blog. Stuff.

    I mostly enjoy your stories, things that you’ve done, that have happened to you, basically

    *group of 5 year olds in sync* STORY TIME WITH ASH *creative TV giggles at the end*

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  5. I want to say something inspiring but I got nothing tonight. All is that I enjoy reading your work, though i missed the squirrel one. Though I am easily distracted like a dog to a squirrel. – sincerely Randomiss


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