Office Birthday Card Number…I Don’t Know, 53?


Today the yellow file folder made its rounds once again, only it was purposely given to me after everyone else had already signed.

Why? Simple: if I was the last to sign, they thought, I’d have less space to monopolize! I was hoping they’d forget the time they had to go out and buy a new birthday card because I ahold of it first and, because the lady owned a Dalmatian, I decided to draw her one! Followed by exactly one hundred more, all numbered and adorable and stuff.

I’d show you, but Hemlock burned it.

As if I was going to let a few “Bonne Fête” / “Happy Birthday” scribbles ruin my fun. Once again, all names (aside from Hemlock’s, who I’ve mentioned on many an occasion already), have been blocked out to preserve anonymity. ‘Cause I’m a good guy like that.


  1. Who has a heart as gray and mindless as this guy who managed to burn one of your masterpiece, due to society defining it as not appropriate.

    In other words, what a dick for burning it, I’d have loved to see it.

    Hah, I just found his comment by the way. Bloody hell. (<hah. haha. ha.)

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