Two Office Birthday Cards in a Row? What?!

Look, I know these cards are probably getting annoying, but…yeah. Two days in a row the ol’ yellow file folder went around!



  1. We have an office birthday today too, but there are only 5 of us so there’s lots of blank card space here! I like how you brighten up all the free space it’s much more fun 😀 I’d be entertained anyway! As much as we’re all creative-types I often wonder if the girls I work with are all a bit too ‘normal’ for me.

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    1. Thanks! But don’t ever ask me about my business, Kay! Heh heh. Get it? 😛

      Naw, you should draw all over that card if it’s not too late. Make it something they’ll remember. When I got one on my birthday,…well, there was no one to draw in it, was there? At least I also got a mug filled with chocolate bars left on my desk. Heh.


      1. In fairness I tend to make the cards, so drawing on the inside could be considered a bit much!?
        Maybe I should put in requests to my colleagues!
        Chocolate is always good though! 😀


        1. It’s funny you mention that, ’cause the lady who got this card is “our Kay.” She charts the birthdays, buys the cards, and ensures they’re on everyone’s desks. (That’s why everyone else gets a piece or two of chocolate, whereas she got 50 bucks. She deserves it, though.) 🙂

          She came by and thanked me afterwards for drawing what I did actually. She always seems to like seeing what I come up with. I heard secondhand though that the “clown one” freaked her out a bit.

          “…sometimes I don’t understand his sense of humour.”

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          1. Loved that one, but then again I’m a HUGE Stephen King fan, and former goth… so y’know bit odd! 😛


    1. Thanks, cathylass!

      I guess that’s the good thing about drawing yourself — you can lie and look any way you please! 😛

      I should work on drawing my ethnic equivalents from around the world.

      “Hey, I got your card, but — who’s that? Don’t you usually draw yourself?”

      “Oh, that’s me. I’m from Japan in this one.”


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  2. You inspire me, I will never write on a happy birthday the same way again. Usually I’m out of words because I don’t want to repeat what everyone else says. I’ll draw instead.


    1. It’s a lot of fun, by the way. If only to have something to look at.

      In fact, that’s what I’m going to request – that when my b-day rolls around, everyone sign it…but also draw….an apple. One each. It’d be neat to see whose was the best…worst….who used colour…whose had a worm poking out..

      …I think. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Rossi! Yeah, I’m pretty happy with this one too. I realized I didn’t have a shading marker so I was like, “It’s okay…you have a good black pen…and your trusty Blackwing pencil. You can make it work!” Heh heh


      1. The Black wing definatly had great tone depth, I could lots of shades from it applying the pressure more and more. You would think all pencils would do that but…. naw! No the shadows are a nice touch and I think a maker would of been to harsh.

        Thumbs Up to Doodle You!


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