Ginger Makes the Blog!

Let’s all give a big hand for Ginger!

Ginger’s a fellow National Cemetery Management Council employee.   I recently recruited her to play on my NCMC golf team next month.   We’re going to win.   Me and the other two guys on the team can’t cast spells, but she can.



    1. Yeah, I read that somewhere too a while back. We need to keep Gingers in the world. The greatest Ginger of them all (in my opinion) was Boccia, the Celtic Queen. She rocked!


        1. That’s OK. I did not know who she was until I was playing the PC Game ‘Civilization V’ and she showed up as one of the world leaders from ‘The Old Days’ Well, natch, I had to do some research. She was a Warrior Queen along the lines of Joan d’Arc.


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