This Was Funny…in my Head

…but then it hit the page, and now I’m wondering if it lost something in the execution.


Let me know.

Maybe I’ll try to improve it?


  1. Haha Aww Nathan, if only he knew that hairs like that are a desperate regueat of the modern man 😛 Love the sasquatch dad, every fine hair drawn – that is dedication dude.

    Looks great!


    1. Ok crit time! Maybe thicken the plot… also just me being anal but the dad’s hand should be bigger. His hand is forward but it is the same size as the other. To get more sense of depth you could take the parent figure, lasso em but leave the “STOP” hand and just adjust the size so thet are a wee bit smaller – the power of photoshop oooh…

      I like the tones 🙂

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  2. Great art! Unfortunately I am not good with written humor sometimes so I’m a little lost in translation. Though because I just watched some of the X-Men movies this weekend. I have them stuck in my head to tell the boy “we shouldn’t have to hide. Be a proud mutant” – and that’s adding funny inside my head. So in a round about way to head humours make a right. 🙂


  3. Does this mean the “Father Ape” does a lot of masturbating then? Or…are hairy palms the first stage in Bigfoot puberty? I’m so confused.


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