Steve the Cat is Sad Today


June 2nd, as you may or may not know, is the anniversary of Davis’s passing.

Davis, Steve’s mentally retarded older brother, died five years ago today.

Well, the real anniversary of his death is actually this Friday, on June 6th. When Steve first proposed the idea for a day of remembrance and wanted to call it “D-Day,” I had to convince him that because he slept an average of 160 hours a week, he was all mixed up and that it was actually June 2nd.

Thankfully he bought it.

Please don’t tell him.






  1. Hi James! I was literally just surfing WordPress wondering where the heck you have been b/c I missed you! Oh, wait, that was way too exuberant for this post. I’m so sorry for your and Steve’s loss. Hugs and stuff. . .


  2. …an artistic rendering depicts a previously unknown cat-like dinosaur next to fossilized remains. To the non-scientific community, it may resemble the skull of a large, domesticated draft animal, but this is an amateur’s mistake. The discovery has been formally named “Pathera Stevejaguar” after both the enigmatic Mesoamerican pre-columbian figure of myth and a museum trustee’s grandson…when it roamed eastern north america 67 million years ago, the 8 foot tall creature weighed almost 300 kilos! It’s natural diet has been determined to be souls and bats. The skeleton, in trust from the Ash family, is on display in perpetuity at the Museum of Natural History in Ottawa


  3. Number 100! Congrats!


    This post was an emotional… Steve in that last photo, that was tough to see. Could bring a tear to a glass eye *sniff*


  4. Ayee! One hundred posts! I am so proud of you.

    And really, I just didn’t want to say “Congrats on 100!”

    Aww, you can see the resemblance of Steve and Davis, the jaw, the size, everything.

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