“The Killer TV From Hell” – A Movie I Made in High School, age 17

Please forgive my mumbling, poor acting, lousy editing, and the way I stopped the car suddenly in the middle of the road at the beginning, despite the fact there was a car right behind me. Damn kids and their music!


  1. “Kill em all!” “Kill em all!”

    ” Scoody Doo Ending!… Yeah!”

    Hehe Killer, this is a funny one, so bad it’s good… 😉

    Naw this looks like fun and you look so pure, hopeful and full of prospects… I’d say the beard and new change of fitting clothes changed it all. (for the good!)

    I have vids (somewhere) of me with my mental curly hair and it is wierd to see that. You really look at yourself and go … WOW. I was THAT kid 😛 hehe

    I like this vid alot… the early stages of your talent and it only gets better in the later ones 🙂


  2. *sees of video title with the music*
    me: is this another “try not to laugh” videos?

    *Santa comes up*
    now this is Doctor Who like.

    LOVING your friend’s acting skills.
    “gaaah… nwaaaaah… aahhh….”

    “I hope you’re not doing anything weird again”
    -I was really expecting something like “DUDE we talked about this, no more wrapping yourself up in tin foil!”

    This is brilliant.
    Such cool kids. 😀


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