1. hehe look at his face… “Derp”…

    Also like the fact his glasses are just on his face, but that’s a point – what kind of glasses would nerdy cats wear?

    Hmmm hence why there is so little of em, to much dman effort to think and produce them!


      1. Made me chuckle ammensly, Hardy Har Har!

        I like that statement very much 🙂 I do the same too, you never know what your doodle is gonna be.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. When I was in the Navy, we were issued “BC Glasses.” They were called such, because they made us look so ugly that birth control was not necessary.


  2. Sometimes I just post stuff that has been flying (bouncing?) around in my head. Usually it works. Sometimes it falls flat, but I sailor on.
    I love this one of yours.


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