Slide Show!

A long, long weekend! Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit!

First let me take you back to the other week. The National Cemetery Management Council had me caricaturing everybody for a couple of days and their photographer, who has a Nikon like me, was nice enough to send me a bunch of high-res shots. Once you let another photographer know you talk the talk and say stuff like, “So are you shooting RAW today?” or maybe “The sun’s pretty harsh, so I imagine you’ll be taking your shots into Lightroom or CS6 to adjust a few levels?” they become fast friends. Heh. But yeah, cool dude for sending me loads of pictures.

…or maybe he sent me the pictures ’cause I was simply a lot more popular than Hoola-Hoop Man and Box Man?


Here’s me on the first day of my vacation, looking like a douche:


Here’s me torturing Steve on my couch. Beside me is visiting blogger Rossi Gifford, who is an extremely talented illustrator with freelance commissions from all over. Currently working out of Trawna at an animation studio there who made some cartoons I watched when I was little.


Steve tries (and fails) to learn how to read:


Here are a few shots from a recent NCMC golf tournament, with myself, Stogie Nightclub, Ginger, and Skylord (Lord of the Skies):




Stogie’s wearing his door prize here. Everyone had a ticket and when they called it, you got to go up and pick something.

“If you don’t mind, I want the Skeleton sweater,” he said to us.

I just assumed that “Skeleton Brand” golf sweaters were simply yet another trendy thing I had never heard of or something. But no, he was being quite literal. I said that was fine by me, as I had spotted something else I wanted anyway.



Went back to work today.

Last night I remembered I had to draw some lady though.

So I worked on that a bit.



…she hated it.

Heh heh.


  1. Poor Steve he tried so hard but it was just simply too painful for him… you can see it in his disturbed face… also… yes you do look like a douche 😉

    Good drawing too..glad to have witnessed the sheer brilloance being created at the spot!

    There is so much more I could say however I will keep my comments minimal. I chose those that deserved to be typed and therefore known to you as you deserve to hear critical feedback.

    (also thanks for the generous words of moi!)

    Good Day Sir! I am off to the newsagents!


      1. haha you actually looked it up! 😛

        I can assure you, we Scottish folk use that term frequently!


  2. 1) those pictures are awesome
    2) you as a douche = you looking extremely smooth
    3) Steve can read, I mean, look at him.
    4) Do tell me, what was that other thing you wanted then?
    5) she looks fabulous. screw her. (hahaha)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whups, I hit “Enter” prematurely. Let’s try that again!

      1) Thanks! 😀

      2) Woot! Smooth is better than “Crunchy”! Thanks!

      3) Yes, Steve CAN read! AND draw! He’s so much smarter than he lets on, licking his butt all day.

      4) Uhmmm… what other thing?

      5) Which “she” do you mean? Just point her out and I’ll do as you command. The lady holding the drawing herself at the end there? *Poised and ready* 😉


      1. crunchy peanut butter is better.

        it’s all part of an evil plan

        doesn’t matter

        well, i would’ve taken this opportunity to point at me now but that would just make things awkward so yes, that woman


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