How To Cook Bacon! / How NOT to Blow up a Melon! / How to Play a Red Guitar!

More videos of mine I’d like to share with you on a lazy, rainy Sunday. I use Sundays to catch up on a lot of commenting, so please take this opportunity to comment too!

-In the first, I will show you how to choose the correct bacon, how to cook it, and then how to feed it to your cat.

-The message of the second video is simple: when blowing up melons, buy the best explosives you can afford. Interesting fact about this one: Baron von Wardstein and myself supply the music! He’s playing the gee-tar and I’m playing the drums. To encourage discussion, I challenge someone to name the song. First to comment with the answer gets…I don’t know…a drawing? Yeah, I’ll mail you something!

-Third video! Another instrumental! In the background are the drums used in video #2 and the guitar belongs to Stogie Nightclub. Though only I play it. It is a 1995 Fender Stratocaster…”Squier.” This one was made back when the Squiers were good.


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