Sorry for the lack of posts!   Very busy!

Travel back in time with me!

Each of these videos is a masterpiece in its own right, but…I’m offering them all up at once, because that is what a nice guy I am!

All of these were shot on a cheap Hewlett Packard digital camera’s video function, which, for the more fully-formed ideas, meant stitching dozens of grainy little clips together using Windows Movie Maker and a computer that would crash every few minutes.   I’m surprised I kept at it!   Glad I did, though.   The reason a lot of these were in black and white is the colour often look really washed out.

As usual, I recruited veteran actors Stogie Nightclub and Steve for these.

Comment below with your thoughts!   As in…a critical review of every one of these!    Heh heh.   (No, seriously.)


  1. Well my Steve is only in Cat Punch… but that sheep impression is fantastic.

    I am also to that he TAKES his punch blows and performs his stunts…helps him to “be” the character.

    I also love the “The Milllionaire” such a hoot!

    The Rich dude is a bit of a dick eh? 😉


  2. Serious Mika reaction, as someone who is very much interested in film making:
    the effect is awesome, the music brilliant and surprisingly even a 6 minute video about shaving can be great to look at, even for someone who doesn’t shave and doesn’t care all that much.

    Not thought-through Mika reaction:
    1. Twix. Why Twix. Why, oh why, Twix. No, Ash, no.
    2. I want to have a Baaah-off with Steve.

    3. w e l l t h e n.

    4. Can I please remark, I adore your hair, it’s utterly fabulous.
    5. Don’t shave.
    6. I can’t believe I just watched a weirdo shave for 6 minutes in black in white to admittedly good music.
    7. Can’t believe I loved it.
    8. Don’t shave.
    9. You look damn good smoking, just putting it out there. Not encouraging any such vice but my opinion won’t change much here anyway so fuck that 😀

    10. I have to watch the other three as well.


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