1. Thanks Milkmanning! I like the way you rip through a lot of content in one sitting and comment like crazy. 😀

      When you enter the working world, you’ll start to drink coffee. Without drinking any in the morning, it’s like I’m not even alive. ‘Course, working at the National Cemetery Management Council, they kind of like us to look dead. But I play by my own rules and stuff. Heh heh.


      1. Oh I’ve missed you
        I’m afraid I only slept 4 hours last night so I don’t have the nerve to look at everything but I promise I will!

        I actually started drinking coffee at the age of 10 but recently I crave it but dislike the taste. It’s quite frustrating actually.

        I think if I’d work there I’d come up with so many cemetery/hell/death/corpse puns, you’d be able to make a 365-day calendar with em.


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