“Colouring or Non-Colouring?” “Colouring, Please.” “Right this way, Sir.”

I love restaurants that give you crayons.

It’s fun to draw like a kid.


But what’s more fun is to adopt a kid’s drawing style and add a very adult theme. The bus boys won’t know what to make of it!




  1. In Germany they don’t tend to have paper as table cloths, we’re quite traditional.
    The only time I had the fortunate opportunity to dine on paper was in Heswall, town close to Liverpool last summer when, I wonder if you remember, I drew an abstract sketch of… something, dedicated to you, good sir.


    1. I do remember! That was flattering. 🙂

      Yeah, it’s kind of rare to see that here too, actually. I don’t think this restaurant had paper on all the tables.

      Maybe we said, “Oh, and could you set out the paper and crayons please? The kids will be along shortly.”

      …but “the kids” never arrived.


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