Downton Abbey’s “Waterbottle Photo” Prompts Eagle-Eyed Fans to Spot More Errors

A promotional photo from the set of the PBS series Downton Abbey is making the rounds on social media at the moment, ever since a keen observer noticed that a plastic water bottle was left on a mantlepiece in a publicity photo.


As the setting for the program is currently 1920’s England, this is of course out of place.

Ever since it came to my attention though, I have been combing photos from the series, looking for similar mistakes. And I found a few! See if you can spot them too.


Whups-a-Daisy! Looks like a careless actor forgot to tuck his iPad away!


Froot Loops?! Now that’s just irresponsible!


This one looks normal.


  1. iPad? Hah, really? That only came out the year after the occurrences of the first photo. Cheap edit.

    Froot Loops aren’t the irresponsible, it’s people.
    Try suing a Froot Loop for getting stuck in a kids nose.

    Mate, Kanye West really is a revel isn’t he? No tie. Found the mistake. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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