1. I had never heard of Lautrec, so I looked him up. Why do you say he’d be more my style? Is it because I too broke each of my legs in my youth (like him, on separate occasions) which stunted my growth? 😉

      While it was neither of these two, I will say this: Lautrec and Van Gogh lived during the same era as this guy!


  1. I really tried.

    My guess is he’s a comedian, someone in a comedy sketch,
    which would make the joke quite good.

    a sketch (drawing) of a sketch-comedian, described as “sketchy” (adjective). That would be beautiful so I tried to find comedians but without success D:

    it’s a good sketch this way or that though.

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    1. Thanks Milkmanning!

      I’ll give you a hint that should narrow your focus: have a look at that tie of his. I don’t know if you like history at all, but it might be a good way to determine the era he’s from. Also, in this instance “sketchy” means that it’s a sketch, but not that he was in a sketch group. 😀


        1. You had nothing figured out! Just the pun! And that didn’t need figuring. 😀

          You kids today, I swear. Heh. Why not just post it on Reddit and an appropriate category and ask the community, “Hey, who do you suppose this is?”

          That’s what I’D do.


          1. Pfffffffffft!

            Because… it really isn’t that important to me *heh*
            I mainly wanted to see if I could figure it out!

            “You kids today” I am SORRY that I don’t know what ERA the TIE is from. pffffffffft.



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