Kirk Douglas Found Reported Dead!

Hey, remember when I wrote about my death list? And how I said Kirk Douglas is on it?

Ghostly Voice: No one remembers! You had 170 followers, but when you stopped posting on a regular basis to enjoy your summer, and then hunt bears, deer, and forest chickens, they forgot about youuuuuuu!

Oh no! Please, tell me – is there any way to get them back?!

Ghostly Voice: Nooooooo!!!!


Ghostly Voice: Annnnnd! You didn’t even successfully shoot a bear! Or a deer! Or a forest chicken! DID YOU!?

…I did not.

Ghostly Voice: Boooooooooo!!!

You’re mean!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.31.33 PM


  1. Hey, hey hey I remembered!
    I’m just pretty damn busy as well so I wasn’t here for ages.
    But my mind dropped to you once in a while and then forgot about WordPress again so I apologise.

    Although I see that it’s a month ago since your last post so that’s a pity!


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