1. You know what makes me the happiest about this post?
    I actually got the Atticus Finch reference because
    a) we did it in English class this year and
    b) I actually read up to that point in the book.


    1. Heh heh. Excellent. 🙂

      Yeah, the day I drew that I emailed a co-worker and was like, “Hey, I just saw you in the lobby but you totally blew me off!”

      She was like, “What? No, I think I just legitimately didn’t see you.”

      Then I just kept adding details that didn’t really happen.

      “What? No, you made eye contact and I smiled and waved and said good morning, remember?”

      “…what? No.”

      Then I launched into some story about a mysterious wet dog that got in somehow and how it started stealing people’s food and no one knew quite what to do about it because it was so surreal.

      Then I drew that as “proof.”


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